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This is the inside of my mobile where your pet will be groomed...The bathtub is to the left in the photo.  

There is a utility area in the back that holds the filtered water.


My name is Kristine and I look forward to meeting you. 

I will send you videos during grooming showing what is going on so that you have all the confidence in me.

I do this for you and your pets; and the good Lord above. 

Thank you for your trust, 


Welcome to Kristine's Mobile Pet Grooming

No longer offering Mobile grooming at this time for any new customers. 

Please check back for salon opening date.

We are adopting a baby and going to enjoy some time with her! 

Thank you for your best wishes!

You can text me anytime with questions


About Kristine's Mobile Grooming


                 An extreme passion for the dogs and their experience while enduring the grooming process has given me the desire to create this important service for you and your pet

              16 years of education and perfection has been spent in the trade of dog grooming to be able to bring you this service with 100% confidence in your pets safety and your satisfaction

Safe, cage-free, worry-free, timely, happy, efficient service 

You do not provide anything except payment when finished 

A Personal/Private service which includes:

water filtration system for clean water every day; No hardwater

generator for Power, no need to plug in

fresh, clean, fluffy towels.

all products and equipment

We take care of everything that is needed to groom your dog, you can sit back and relax.

As a well trained Certified Professional Groomer and Certified Grooming Instructor, I am able to get the work done efficiently and safely

I have Special Expertise for dogs who are older, may be difficult, or who have special needs.....Has your dog been turned away from other groomers? I handle those special cases, text me for consult.

Puppies have to be trained and seniors need special handling....all of our furbabies have special needs....I am here to cater to your furbabies grooming needs in a private, clean, safe, fun environment

Your Private Appointment typically lasts 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours per pet