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This is the inside of my mobile where your pet will be groomed...The bathtub is to the left in the photo.  

There is a utility area in the back that holds the filtered water.


My name is Kristine and I look forward to meeting you. 

I will send you videos during grooming showing what is going on so that you have all the confidence in me.

I do this for you and your pets; and the good Lord above. 

Thank you for your trust, 


Here is a quick "About Me"....but it sure doesn't tell the story

My name is Kristine, Owner and Stylist of Kristine’s Mobile Pet Spa.

I have been in business in Jacksonville since 2017

I have been in the Pet industry since 2005. I am from Indiana.

I absolutely love the dogs. 

It is my mission to make grooming happy for them because it seems to be so stressful for so many dogs. 

So I went to grooming school that led into becoming a Grooming Instructor at the school. 

This experience allowed me to master my trade to bring this awesome service to Jacksonville.

I also have an AA in Business Management and a financial services background.

 I bought my mobile trailer brand new and had it customized for the dogs. 

It is the cutest Tiny Mobile Grooming Shop that comes to your home or location to groom the dogs, it is full-service grooming. 

I fill it with fresh-filtered water, clean, fluffy towels with all the finest products to have your pet smelling and feeling great.

When people are looking for a safe place to groom their dogs, Kristine’s Mobile Pet Spa is the best choice.

I am all about the dogs; just look around me and you will see the comforts that I put in place for your dogs. 

Thank you for the opportunity